Eat, Drink, and be Merry Collection #1

Eat, Drink, and be Merry Collection #1

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This product contains the first four installments in the "Eat, Drink, and be Merry" series, all collected together into a single file for ease of use. All the original material is included, including the artwork for each establishment. Each inn and tavern inside makes for an interesting and flavourful addition to a campaign, and can bring more excitement to the downtime between adventures. Each establishment also includes useful adventure hooks to make them part of the adventure itself.

This collection includes descriptions of the following fascinating locations:

The Giggling Gorgon

The Giggling Gorgon is large inn and tavern, with a theme revolving around the Gorgon, a large armoured bovine that petrifies its victims before eating them. Besides its unique theme, the establishment is known for good food, affordable rooms, and a strong signature brew that will challenge even the toughest of drinkers.

The Kobold's Delight

The Kobold's Delight is an odd inn and tavern, known for both its unusual cuisine and the eccentricities of its owner. Founded by a retired adventurer after a long captivity at Kobold hands, the Kobold's Delight offers a menu of subterranean foods such as giant insects and large mushrooms. The owner is very hospitable to those who delve underground, and so his establishment has become a common place to find adventurers and those who wish to hire them.

The Lusty Siren

The Lusty Siren establishment is an inn and tavern that caters to sailors, and has enough room for an entire ship crew to stay at one time. Besides the sleeping arrangements, the Lusty Siren also offers a selection of nautical food, as well as drink to slake the thirst of those tired from a long day of hard work.

The Pit

The Pit is widely known for its infernal theme and the questionable nature of the entertainment and dealings that go on there. Although most reputable people avoid the place, it still receives a healthy number of customers. Some visitors are members of the underworld, while others are richer folk who believe themselves above trifling concerns of morality. The Pit's owner takes coin from anyone who can pay and, although the price may be steep, she offers excellent food and drink, entertainment, and privacy.


The Eat, Drink, and be Merry series

The tavern or inn is a common element in most fantasy roleplaying games, whether it serves as a place for the characters to meet for the first time, or a resting place where tired adventurers can recover after the action is over. The "Eat, Drink, and be Merry" series aims to help gamemasters by providing interesting and detailed descriptions of inns, taverns, and other establishments, in order to increase the realism, immersion, and fun of gaming sessions. The description of each establishment includes a physical description of the building, its interior, and the sign that hangs out front, as well as a brief description of the owner, a full menu, and a list of services the establishment provides. Each product ends with a list of hooks to provide ideas for using the location as a springboard for further adventures.

This product is written for use with the Pathfinder RPG but is system neutral, and can be used with any fantasy roleplaying game. Each product includes a full colour PDF and a second black and white PDF with no images for easy printing.