Trinity: Battleground Update

Hello everyone,

It has been a year since we announced our acquisition of the license to resurrect Trinity: Battleground from Onyx Path Publishing, and an update has been long overdue.

Unfortunately, we have encountered some problems with getting the miniatures for the project scanned, which is the first step in bringing the line back to life. There were issues with the service we were working with to perform the scanning, and we made the decision to move the process in-house. We are currently finalizing the acquisition of the hardware and software, and developing the expertise, to perform this task independently. This capability will not only allow us to complete the resurrection of Trinity: Battleground, but will streamline future projects as well. Stay tuned for more regular updates moving forward, as we start sharing work-in-progress shots and other news.

We appreciate the patience of the Trinity: Battlegrounds fans, and wholeheartedly apologize for these delays. We are determined to take the lessons we've learned from this, and apply them to our future projects as we move forward.