Miniature Monday - The Psions Join the Battle

Welcome to our second Miniature Monday post for Trinity: Battleground, and happy Canada Day to our fellow Canadians!

Last week, we revealed Caul Fein, one of the horrific aberrants seeking to destroy humanity. Today, we are excited to show off the first scanned Psion. Hewish is one of the brave souls fighting to ensure mankind's survival.

Unlike Caul Fein, Hewish was not included in the Trinity: Battleground boxed set. Most of the range were released in plastic blister packs with one to five miniatures, depending on their size. Hewish's blister pack contained two other Psions, Haru and Napp, and cards containing each characters' statistics. Like other Psions, Hewish took the fight to the Aberrants with a combination of equipment and Psi Powers. Like Caul Fein, she was able to use Flight to quickly move across the battlefield. However, her mastery of Psychokinesis was not limited to just carrying herself. Hewish's Slingshot power allowed her to pick up enemies and slam them into the ground for heavy damage, or carefully pick up allies and move them to more advantageous positions. She could also use Flash Freeze to slow opponents and limit their actions in combat. For equipment, she carried a brutal Banji Thunder Shotgun and was protected by a standard Armor Vest and a unique Camouflage Suit which was introduced to the game through her character card. Besides adding minor protection, this suit was Psi-Formatted, which meant she could spend Psi points to increase its power by imposing a penalty on enemy attack rolls. Altogether, Hewish was an agile and powerful Psion, and she will soon be returning to the battlefield to once again take the fight to the Aberrants.

After mentioning how Trinity: Battleground miniatures were originally released, it's time to share some details about the release of the resurrected version. As with future Wargames Resurrectionist projects, Trinity: Battleground will be released digitally. The original boxed set, including rulebooks, counters, and other materials, will be sold as a set of PDFs, along with printable .STL files for the included miniatures. The miniature .STLs will also be available separately, for people who are interested in the figures but not the game itself. These files will be available singly and bundled in groups at a discount, and each miniature will include its statistics card for use in the game. For people who do not have 3d printers of their own, we will work with partners to make printed copies of the miniatures available, and will perform our own in-house printing once our facilities are set up.

That's all for now. Come back next week to see a reveal of another aberrant, and talk about some of the challenges involved in bringing a dead game back to life.