Miniature Monday - The First Aberrant is Revealed!

Welcome to our first Miniature Monday post! This weekly feature is our place to share teasers and news about our upcoming miniature releases, as well as behind-the-scenes peeks into the resurrection process. Our Resurrectionists' current focus is Trinity: Battleground, which we are bringing back to life under license with Onyx Path Publishing, but other exciting projects will follow in the future.

The first miniature to be revealed is one of the Aberrants included in the original core box for Trinity: Battleground, which was released all the way back in 1998. This spined creature, named Caul Fein, featured proudly alongside his Aberrant allies on the game's box.

Four named Aberrants were included in the original game box, alongside a group of five lesser support troops, and out of these Caul Fein was the weakest. However, this didn't mean he wasn't a formidable threat. He had the most health of all four aberrants, and his Spined Body protected him from attack while allowing him to cause vicious wounds in close combat. Getting in close with the enemy is no small feat, and this aberrant managed it with a combination of Flight, to soar over intervening terrain, and his ability to summon Energy Tentacles to drag opposing Psions into range of his spines.

After close to thirty years, this fearsome Aberrant is once again preparing to grace the tabletops of players everywhere, with a little help from our Resurrectionist team. Below, you can see the results of our 3d scanning process, which has captured Caul Fein in all his spiny glory!

Stay tuned for next week, when we reveal one of the Psions fighting to protect humanity from the Aberrant threat, and talk about our release plans for Trinity: Battleground.