Miniature Monday - A New Aberrant Slithers Onto the Field


It's hard to believe, but another Miniature Monday is already here!

Today, we return to the Trinity: Battleground starter set to take a look at Fhata Khan, another of the Aberrants seeking to destroy humanity.

This serpentine creature was more powerful than her comrade, Caul Fein, and approached combat in a very different way. While Caul Fein attacked up close with his Spined Body, Fhata Khan struck from a distance with deadly Energy Wave attacks. Enemies who pushed through these waves of quantum energy found themselves shredded by the ice shards emitted by her Icy Blast power. Fhata Khan was the weakest of the core set Aberrants when it came to close combat, but that did not make her defenceless. If surrounded by enemies, she could use her Nova power to generate an explosion that damaged everyone around her, friend and foe alike. Even if an enemy weathered her deadly attacks, they would find their own strikes dealing only half damage due to her Phase ability. With this suite of powerful abilities, Fhata Khan was a force to be reckoned with, and soon she will once again strike fear on the tabletop!

Bringing a game back to life after being out of production is a big undertaking, and we are honoured that Onyx Path has given us the opportunity to do so. Like any project, this endeavour has not been without its share of challenges. We encountered technical challenges and teething issues as we worked to improve scanning workflow, but our biggest issue was difficulty in finding samples for scanning. In an ideal case, resurrecting a game would be as straightforward as reviewing the original book files for issues and scanning the master miniatures that were used to create moulds. Unfortunately, in cases like Trinity: Battleground, this was not possible. The original miniature masters and files have been lost to time, and so our team needed to find high quality production models to scan. The core set was easy to find but other models, like Hewish who we previewed last week, were extremely difficult to track down. Some of these miniatures seem to have been produced in much smaller numbers that the others, and  information on them is scarce at beast. They are so rare there isn't even a picture of them on the Lost Minis Wiki, and the Unofficial White Wolf Wiki lists them as planned but never released! Despite this, with hard work, perseverance, and luck, we have been able to secure samples of the whole Trinity: Battlegrounds line. Soon, these nearly vanished miniatures will be available once again!

Next week we will talk about Support Units, and show how a few test prints compare to the original models!