First Wargames Resurrectionist Project Announced - Trinity: Battlegrounds

Today the Faceless Publishing team are excited to officially announce our first Wargames Resurrectionist project. We have signed a license with Onyx Path Publishing to resurrect Trinity: Battleground!


The box's top shows outnumbered Psions trying to hold off a horde ofAberrants


Originally released in 1998 by White Wolf Publishing, Trinity: Battleground is the only wargame based on White Wolf's Storytelling RPG rules system. The game is set in the Trinity universe (created by White Wolf and now owned by Onyx Path Publishing), and features psionically empowered heroes known as Psions battling twisted, superhuman mutants called Aberrants.


A close up from the box shows a game in progress, including the terrain included with the core set.


A skirmish level game, Trinity: Battleground contained rules for players to create their own Psions and Aberrants, choosing from a variety of psionic powers, mutations, and equipment. Players of the Trinity RPG would even be able to convert their characters into the game, allowing them to participate in larger scale battles.


The game's contents laid out, including folding cardboard terrain, foam hills, and a dice bag.


Sadly, even with such interesting and flexible rules, and miniatures sculpted by the legendary Bob Naismith, Trinity: Battleground was not the success its creators hoped. It only lasted a year, and plans for future releases never materialized.


Four lethal aberrants, sculpted by Bob Naismith.


As a goodwill gesture, White Wolf released a free PDF containing the material that was currently being worked on for the game, which is still available from Onyx Path. Since then, Trinity: Battleground has stayed relatively unknown except to dedicated fans for nearly 25 years.


The cover of the Player's Guide shows three Psion heroes.


As with all future Wargames Resurrectionist projects, Trinity: Battleground will be released digitally. The rules and supporting materials will be sold as PDF documents, and miniatures will be available as STLs. Players will also be able to order 3d printed miniatures, in case they do not have a 3d printer of their own.

We are excited to once again make Trinity: Battlegrounds available to gamers after so long, and we are very thankful to Onyx Path for this opportunity. Keep an eye on this space and our social media accounts for more news as we get closer to bringing this game back to life!